Thursday, December 3, 2015

12 Days of Guam Giveaways [Day 3]

Isn't this bookmark just everything?  I actually got one earlier this year but ended up giving it to Trace so he could give it to one of the Japanese exchange students visiting the school, so I didn't actually get to use it myself.  And I'm sure that even if I were to go and get another one, I wouldn't be able to use that one either because Aniyah already claimed the next one for herself, so it looks like I'll need to go out and get several more just so I can actually use one!  Such is the downside to having amazing and unique little trinkets like this - you love them so much that you just want to share them with everyone!

This bookmark is another item from Love from Guam, but she's sold out of them on Etsy right now, which is why you should definitely "Favorite" her shop so you'll know when she restocks.  Plus, she's got a ton of other amazing items listed (some of which I may be giving away in the upcoming days) that you should definitely check out.  I seriously want one of everything she has...and you might too!


  1. That bookmark is beautiful! Who has ever said they had too many bookmarks? No one, that is who!

  2. This is beautiful! There's so many great things in this shop, though personally (maybe it's the time of year?) I'm still all heart-eyes about that Santa key :)

  3. The shell snowman is super cute!

  4. Thanks for this post, I love the bookmark and everything else in the shop. One of my favorites is the pink plumeria and leaf clock. :)


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