Tuesday, December 8, 2015

12 Days of Guam Giveaways [Day 6]

I know, I know.  This was supposed to be up two days ago.  I had more technical difficulties last night after posting Day 5.  As in, my 6-year-old swiped my laptop to watch Netflix in his room.  So, yeah.


These Guam seal crayons are another great handmade goody from Bonita Baby!  My kids and I fell head-over-heels in love with them when Jessica, the creative mastermind/supermom behind Bonita Baby, posted them on her feed.  She is such an amazing and talented woman who creates some of the most adorable things EVER.  I especially love her Guam designs because they're so unique and are such a great way to introduce culture to our kids by teaching them how to kamyu (grind) a coconut and explain the significance of a latte stone.

The quality of her products and their packaging are always top-notch and you know I'm a sucker for little details like that.  So even though I don't have a baby, I'm still always browsing her Instagram feed and looking at all the adorable designs and products she has - and maybe, possibly, making a mental note of what items I want in the event we ever decide to add another little migraine to the mix.  Maybe.


  1. I wish I could shield children from all the violence and terrorism and keep them innocent forever!

  2. i wish that allt he children in the world would have a warm bed and plenty of food

  3. This is a hard one, but quite simply it'd be great if all the children of the world had a chance to feel genuinely loved!


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