Saturday, December 19, 2015


 Well I'm finally done with the giveaway posts and I'm so pleased with their success.  Honestly, meeting (virtually and in person) all the wonderful people who created and designed the prizes was so amazing.  I am so proud of all the great things these people have accomplished and it makes me so happy to see Guam being represented so well.

This month has been a little more than crazy, as it usually is every year around this time.  I'm actually so relieved that I started all my holiday shopping early this year so I only have a few more things (clothes, shoes, stocking stuffers, etc.) to pick up before Christmas.  And, not to brag or anything but, the gifts I'm giving are pretty awesome because I actually took the time to find out what each recipient really wanted, rather than just gifting something I thought they'd like  AND I got really good deals on them without doing the whole black Friday/cyber Monday thing.  I'd give you an example, but there might be snoops hanging around...

Another thing I'm pretty stoked about is that I'm teaching the kids (and myself) about recycling by re-using old gift bags, using up all of last year's wrapping paper and then wrapping everything else with newspaper.  The newspaper gifts actually look really cute when you dress it up a bit with bows and ribbons.  Doesn't it all look so nice under our tree?  Which, by the way, is fake.  Yup, we chose not to get a fresh tree this year.  This way, we can reuse our tree over and over again for years.

This weekend we're planning to take the kids to see the lights and displays that are set up around the island.  There are a few to see (Governor's house, Christmas village in Agana Shopping Center, Tumon, etc.) so I kinda want to stretch it out and make the most of the last week before Christmas.  I think it'd be more fun that way.

What have you been up to lately?  Have you finished your shopping yet?  What fun, festive things are there to do where you live?


  1. i have never in my life had a real tree even though i love the smell but the clean-up is NOT worth it! i always keep the gift bags/tissue paper i get and store them in my craft area in a bin for reuse. it's very rare i buy gift bags or tissue paper because of this :)

  2. Nice idea with the recycled paper as gift wrap. I'm teaching my son about giving this season, not just receiving. Hopefully, also, that he's a gracious receiver. Happy Holidays! It's been crazy in my life too. Which is why I'm off the blog until 2016!

  3. Love the wrapping! Makes me want to do that every year! I looks beautiful under the tree!


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