Tuesday, December 22, 2015

It's Not Me, It's Monday

You ever wonder why Mondays are synonymous with all things horrible?  Usually you wonder those things on any day that is NOT a Monday because if it were, you wouldn't need to wonder.

Today was one of those days for me.  But, I know it's not my fault.  It's Monday's.

-Woke up late.
-Got to work half an hour late.
-Had two copy jobs on my desk when I got in.
-Boss's brand new computer was acting up and our IT guy is on vacation so I had to figure it out.
-Prepped a new case for filing today, only to find out at 5:03pm that it didn't get filed.
-Looked through years worth of old files to find a "Security Agreement" only to find out the document was titled entirely different.
-Went to the mall during lunch to get some last-minute Christmas gifts, checkout was EXTREMELY slow so ended up coming back late from lunch.
-Got back to my desk and the power goes out.
-Maintenance calls and says that the generator is broken so we're screwed until the power is restored.
-Power is finally restored at 3pm so I have to rush to finish what I can before the workday is over.
-Boss sends me a bunch of exhibits to print for a deposition.
-Printer starts acting up because of the power outage so I have to reprint everything that I printed to another machine.
-Get notice that something needs to go out before I leave and it's already 4:45pm.
-My computer starts running really slow and keeps freezing so I don't finish until 5:30pm.
-Get home at 6:15pm and the house is messier than I left it because the kids didn't do their chores.
-Took a nap at 6:30pm and woke up at 9pm and started feeling icky so I know I'm getting sick.

Today was definitely a MONDAY.

Hopefully Tuesday is a little better.

How are your Mondays?


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