Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Let's Get It Started



Around this time last year I was proudly strutting around in a new (to me) pair of Guess jeans I ordered on Poshmark.  They were instantly my favorite pair because they were (a) purchased at a discounted price, (b) the perfect style and wash, and (c) fit me like a frikken glove.

A few months later, that pair of jeans did the unthinkable - they decided they no longer wanted to fit me.  I tried to keep us together.  I stuffed myself into those jeans until I couldn't breath.  I told myself that it was just water weight, I was bloated, I did too many squats and that's why they wouldn't go past my thighs.  I was in denial.

I gained a lot last year, about 15lbs. and have never weighed this much except for during my pregnancies.  And I know that muscle weighs more than fat but I really did gain quite a bit of inches last year.  Quite a bit.  My stomach is now a tummy split into two rolls that hang over my pants quite unflatteringly.  My arms are like sausages, hanging at my sides.  And my face...well, let's just say that I don't have to pull my face back too much for my double chin to be noticeable.

I'm not happy with my weight or my body image anymore and I want to change all that.  I know, I know - I'm like the queen of starting and restarting and re-restarting workouts and fitness routines.  I can't promise that I won't give up or burn out or lose track, but I can promise to continue trying and making an effort to do at least a 10 minute workout each day, or go for a run or a swim during the week.  That's something, right?

So here are my goals for the next month:

Beginner Workouts - I thought I was ready to take on the intermediate challenge, but I think I'll try to just complete the beginner one first.  I finished Day 1 last night so on to Day 2!

Run - I still haven't completed the full C25k program but I did gain a newfound love for running from the days that I was able to run.  And I'm the girl that legit HATED running.  For the next month, I want to try to make more time to run, even if that means cleaning out the back room (another thing I've been putting off) and hauling out the treadmill.

Yoga - I've slowly been getting back into doing yoga lately.  I'm still inconsistent with it, but it just feels good to roll out my mat and get all my limbs stretched out and my mind focused.  I need to make more time for that.

Eat Healthy-ish - I obviously can't give up fries, pizza, bacon, fried chicken, cheeseburgers, tacos....what was I talking about again?  Oh, right.  Anyway, I know I can't give up the foods I love completely, but I can do better by choosing to not eat crappy food every time, working on my portion control and drinking more water.

And that's it.  For the next month, at least.  Hopefully by the next TfT post, I'll have accomplished these goals and be ready to take on bigger ones.  Hopefully.  Until then, wish me luck!


  1. You can so do this!!! I feel like I am always going to be on a fitness/health journey. I keep changing and switching up what I do as I get burned out or things aren't working for me. the key is baby steps. Stick to your beginner work outs until you start realizing that it is taking you no effort to complete them and then move up. Make as many healthy decisions as you can, but when you slip up, right it at the next meal and dont think you ruined the whole day/week/month. You can do this!!!

  2. Yes! You've got this for sure. Just remember to be gentle with yourself—you're not going to be able to go HAM every day, and that's not anything wrong. The body needs rest and you have different energy levels every day, so do what speaks to you each day. Good luck! If you want any help finding resources or getting some motivation, just yell for me!

  3. good luck girl! i am right there with you. i've gained 20lbs since i moved here... and 12 or so lbs of that was in the last year. i kept trying to deny it and think it wasn't that bad, but i have a double chin now, my stomach is in like 3 rolls (i have a long scar that naturally splits it into 2 anyway lol) and i ripped my black jeans a couple weeks ago.. the jeans i felt as awesome in as you did in your poshmark ones. so girl. i feel you. i start and restart all the time. each time i say this will be the time! right now, i've given up soda as i was drinking sprite like it was my job, and i have lost 5lbs since the start of the year. i also haven't eaten out for lunch at work which is a huge deal, but i did just polish off a family size bag of chips, so i'm not perfect. baby steps! good luck!

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    Beijos Marie.


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