Monday, January 25, 2016

Things I've been doing besides blogging....

 Spending time in blanket forts.
For all of you who are still sticking around and reading my random posts:  THANK YOU!  I really do love blogging and I apologize if writing posts, responding to comments, and visiting other blogs hasn't been my top priority lately but I've really been focused on challenging myself this month by learning and trying new things.

If you couldn't tell from the last few posts, I've joined in the Learn to Sew 2016 Challenge with Crazy Little Projects as well as the #ohjournaletc Creative Art Journal Challenge.  On top of those, I've also joined a reading challenge, completed the first "Bag of the Month" project and also signed up for a workout challenge that I'll be starting today (eek!).  It's been a really busy month, but I'm also feeling really great about it because I've accomplished so much.

February is another challenge-filled month since I'm hoping to do the Daily Drawing Challenge with Lisa Congdon, a coloring challenge,
continuing the #ohjournaletc challenge and Bag of the Month series, and (if I can find the supplies I need) going to join in the Critter of the Month knit/crotchet series as well.

And (as if there isn't enough on my plate), I'm also contemplating a 30 by 30 challenge for myself as well, since I'll be turning 30 this May (holy shit!).  Nothing too crazy or extravagant (because I'm broke and can't afford to fly to Ireland or anything like that), just simple things that I've been wanting to do or haven't done in a long time (go on a hike, shoot a gun, volunteer, feed the homeless, etc.).  I'll probably post it when I have my list together and when I figure out whether I'll even be able to take on that challenge or not.

But, other than everything I've got going on, things are pretty good.  What about you?  Have you decided to challenge yourself with anything new this year?


  1. Yes to challenges, yes to improving and learning new skills, yes to blanket forts! Love what you're thinking about for your 30 x 30 list too.

  2. You did an awesome job on the shorts, so congrats on your sewing! Mine is limited to fixing any holes that might pop up in my dress pants. I have a small sewing machine, just haven't taken the time to learn how to use it.


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