Thursday, February 18, 2016

Confessions, because it's been a while.

More Coffee Less Talky

I finally waxed my legs after weeks of being a nasty, hairy sasquatch.  Seriously, it was NOT cute, but I was kind of in denial thinking I could just keep wearing pants to work everyday - until I ran out of clean pants.

I decided I wanted to join in the "February wallet watch" challenge, and then caved and spent about $30 on Planner Mania within the same hour.  I blame Michael.  But, I mean, I could justify it as a work or household expense, since I use my planner for just about EVERYTHING.  Right?  (Oh, btw I'm gonna do a planner update post to show you all the changes I've made and all the goodies I use, so be on the lookout for that, fellow planner geeks!)

Speaking of work expense, I've decided to start making things to sell.  I already went over my DIY/Projects budget of $50 for the month so I figured it's about time I start making some of that shit back!

On Sunday, instead of going out for brunch/dinner or doing one of the activities on my 30 by Thirty list, we did yard work.  (By "we" I mean Joey, mostly.)  We finally started clearing the property that was given to Joey by his parents.  We've still got a long ways to go before we start building as it is a pretty big lot, but we're extremely excited that it's finally getting done.  I apologize in advance for all the pinning I'll be doing.

I'm not sure if its just me, but February is kinda dragging.  I feel like January was really productive, while so far February has been, meh.

I still have a couple Christmas gifts that I haven't gotten around to mailing out yet.  Oops.

Etsy is like my rabbit hole.  I log on to check my order, and next thing I know, it's three hours later and I'm browsing hand-knitted socks.  Seriously, wtf is wrong with me.

Speaking of Etsy, I have 30 items in my cart right now and 26 of them are planner-related (stickers, pens, stamps, etc.).

I had this post drafted since Sunday.  I really haven't had any good post ideas this month.  Meh.


  1. Etsy is such a rabbit hole!!!! Yay for starting to clear the lot!!! Taking that first step to start is the hardest part I say! We started cleaning up our house some so we can put it on the market soon. It is all about taking those steps. And you should totally sell some stuff you make!

  2. I say consider the planner purchase your last big splurge before a spending freeze! You deserve it! :)

  3. I love those planner stickers. If something on my calendar is important enough to get a sticker I crown it "sticker worthy".

  4. I so had to laugh - I get lost in the Etsy hole so easily myself & my cart is up to 27... all planner stickers! I am so addicted to buying these things! Cant wait to see how you use your planner. I am so obsessed with mine, its kinda sad.

  5. PLANNER SHIZZ! yes please do a post on those. my friend just bought a machine that makes stickers and i'm so excited!

  6. Looking forward to all your planner posts! I've been obsessed with them too, but I know that I wouldn't use it, so I've tried to stay away from ordering one.

    7% Solution

  7. You're so welcome!!! :) I'm in the process of getting ready to hit purchase on order #3 in as many weeks. I just want all the damn stickers!!!

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