Monday, February 22, 2016

Sunday Sweats 2016: Vol. 3

Here we are again.  Another Sunday, another fitness recap post.  Sadly, I didn't get to do much working out as I have been busy cleaning, finishing the last project of the Crazy Little Projects Learn to Sew Series, helping out for a fundraiser we held on Thursday night, and being too drained to find motivation.

This past week I did:

A wee bit of yoga.  Not enough to call it a full flow, but I have been stretching as often as I can, trying to get my downward dog on point and get my hips open to be able to do a split.

Swimming.  We went swimming over the weekend and had a blast.  The beach we went to actually has a few little rock islands in the water and between the shore and the first island, the current has a strong pull so it was a pretty good resistance workout trying to swim/run/walk through that current.

Ran a couple laps on the sand.  We raced a few laps on the sand while we were there at the beach, taking dips in the cool ocean water in between running spurts.

So, last week was pretty "meh".  Hoping to do much more this week as I currently don't have any functions or events to plan or attend.  This week's goals are:

1.  Run.  At least one 30 minute run this week.  If I can fit in more than that, great.  If not, at least one will be good.
2.  Yoga.  Do more of this.  It makes me relaxed and happy.  I need to make more time for it.
3.  Cardio/Strength.  Continue with my beginner bootcamp videos - they're only 10 minutes each and are really effective.
4.  Drink more water.  I got my hydrate stickers in and they're already in my planner waiting for the little droplets to be filled in each day.  I totally got this.
5.  Keep up with controlling my portions.  I've actually been really good at this lately.  I haven't been over-eating at meals and even my snacking has gone down significantly because I know when to stop myself.  I just need to keep it up!

So, how'd you do with your goals last week?


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