Wednesday, February 3, 2016

WODW: Untitled (for now)

Be like the sun,
Shining bright and spreading warmth.

Be like the moon,
Beautifully mysterious through your phases.

Be like the stars,
A glimmer of hope during the darkest times.


Whatever you choose to be -
Sun, moon or stars,

I will be like the sky,
To hold every part of you.


I wrote this a while back (probably around November or so) but haven't posted it until now because I've been trying to come up with a title for it.  I still haven't come up with anything that I think is fitting.  So, I decided to just post it anyway in the hopes that maybe one of you wonderful and insightful readers could help me out with a title.

Just a little background on this:  I was inspired to write this while talking with my kids about the kind of people they want to be when they get older.

So, what do you think?  Have any ideas about a title?  Have any editing comments?  (Kind of unsure about: whatever vs. whichever)


  1. That is so beautiful!
    Isn't it weird how sometimes titles are the hardest part? I have been sitting here reading it over and over and can't think of anything either, ha (:

  2. I think it's beautiful in it's simplicity and think that the last part ties it altogether. I LOVE your little story behind the poem and I can see you, the sky, embracing your little ones.

  3. I love it. I'm awful at titles so no help there, but thanks for posting it!

  4. I love that you talk to your kids about the kind of people they want to be when they get older. I wish my parents would've raised me with a little more (okay, A LOT more) direction and purpose.

    "I will be like the sky,
    To hold every part of you."

    The whole poem is beautiful, but that stanza was perfection <3 Your children are blessed to have you as their mama!


  5. Wow, I love this poem. SO beautiful, and loving, and encouraging. Some things don't need a title, they say enough on their own. :) Thanks so much for sharing and for linking up with us for #WODW. xo

  6. Beautiful poem. No title required :-)


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