Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Monthly Mantra 2016: March

March is Chamorro Heritage month here on Guam and so I thought this quote was perfect for this month's mantra.  We all get so busy with our day-to-day routines, caught up in technology and enjoying the comforts of the modern world that we tend to take things for granted.  We forget how hard it must have been for our ancestors to get this far, we forget the values that made us who we are, we forget our culture.

This month, let's explore and appreciate our own culture and heritage as well as those of others.  Let's learn something new about where we came from, bring back an old tradition, and be proud of who we are!

What do you think about reconnecting with your cultural roots?  What traditions or customs are unique to your culture?


  1. I love it! My parents were immigrants to the US and sometimes its easy to forget the culture and get super wrapped up the modern and new.

  2. love this. i never really think of culture.. i know that's bad, but australia is so 'multi cultural' and my family is a mish mash of everything, that we kind of celebrate different cultures all the time, and then we have some australian-isms. but not so much here, obviously. i try and do australian things day to day, like meals or certain things or words, but i never really think about the past or ancestors so i need to make an effort to do that!

  3. frikken duckie! you know you're like the only one i remember from my blogging days? haha. how are you!? :) and it's okay to not know who the heck i am, lols.


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