Friday, April 8, 2016


It's been a while since I did a confession post and with summer right around the corner, I figured it's time I get a few things off my chest, which really isn't much.

As a full A/small B, I'm a full-fledged member of the itty-bitty-titty-committee.  It doesn't sound so bad on paper, but when you've got thick thighs and a badonkadonk, it is noticeable.

My gals used to be a little fuller when I was younger but, thanks to the whole month of breastfeeding I endured (sorry, I tried but I just couldn't do it), my breasts shrank about one cup.  Where was that information in "What to Expect When You're Expecting"?

All my bras are push-ups.  With underwire and lots of padding.  #nosecretshere

I can't pull off the "side boob" look because I barely have the front boobs.

When I wear a sports bra, I could pass as a 12-year-old Asian boy.  I wear mostly baggy shirts when working out so you can't really tell how flat my boobs are.

If I had the money, I'd totally get a boob job.  Joey is really against it, but I have been looking into other non-surgical alternatives to bigger boobs.  Besides push-up bras.

I can't wear tube tops without constantly fidgeting with them. They never fit right or stay in place.

When my bigger breasted friends talk about not being able to find the right bra, needing extra support, their backs hurting...

What about you?  What are you insecure about?


  1. I have the opposite problem, I have too much chest and ummm I still cant wear a tube top because it makes you look like a uniboob and it doesn't stay up. And the back pain is a real struggle!!! I think that it is like hair, people who have thin hair would do anything for thicker hair and those with thick hair envy the thinner hair peopled. I totally get what you are saying!

  2. I normally wear a 34C... But I have friends who have way bigger boobs than me, and they're smaller than me!

  3. Most women's boobs aren't the same size, and I am not even sure I'm wearing the right size. It just feels like a waste of my time to get fitted for one when I'm also tiny chested. Will it make that much of a difference??? I don't like my muscular (and fat) legs. Wish I could wear skinny jeans and have twig legs. Oh well!

  4. i have concave bitch tits; always have. seriously, my 16yr old cousin has bigger boobs than i do. it's never bothered me though. i don't even wear padded bras and i hate underwire. if i do wear bras, it's the soft ones; hell, i could probably fit into a training bra!


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