Monday, April 4, 2016

Sunday Sweats: Vol 5

Well look who's posting another fitness update!  This gal!  (Btw, does anyone say gal anymore?)

 Anyway, so since last week I've been making changes to my fitness routine and eating habits.  I downloaded Wheat Belly last Monday and have been just about wheat-free for a week now.  I say "just about" because I a)  accidentally ate one and a half pieces of buñelos åga (Chamorro banana donuts) before I realized what I was doing and b) also ate a shrimp/bacon/cheese eggroll yesterday from Beachin' Shrimp.

It's been kinda tough not being able to eat all the good things that I used to, but I've been pretty good about it.  We had a party the other night with LOTS of food and I resisted temptation like a champ.  I ate zero pastries, zero lasagna, zero pasta salad, zero wheat.  Hoping to have some time this week to go grocery shopping and stock up on veggies and stuff to make some of the awesome wheat-free recipes I've been seeing.

Besides cutting out wheat, I've been drinking lots of water (and tracking it in my planner) as well.  The temperatures have been rising lately and it's getting hot and humid so I'm trying to up my water intake so I won't get dehydrated and my skin won't get all yucky.

Also, I've been doing pretty good at keeping up with my yoga practice.  I do one class a day in the beginner's course on  Running is pretty good too.  I ran on Monday and Wednesday last week with the C25k app, alternating between running and walking for a total of 20 minutes each day.  I skipped a day (Friday) but today is another running day so I'm not gonna stress out about missing last week.  I'm just pushing forward.

This week my goals are:

1.  Run at least 3x.
2.  Yoga errday.
3.  Lots of water.
4.  No wheat!

Not so hard I think.  The toughest part for me is finding the time to run since I don't get home until around 6pm, then have to make sure the kids eat dinner, do homework, get ready for the next day, etc. which usually means I run around 7:30pm.  I'm not a morning person at all, but thinking about trying to do my running in the morning instead.  We'll see.

What about you?  How are you with your fitness goals?  Need a motivation boost like I did?


  1. good luck with your goals! you can do it.
    i never used to be a morning person, i just worked at it slowly, and now i am one. i don't have kids though, so there's that lol. i hate hate hate hate working out in the evenings though, and if i didn't get a chance to run about 7:30, not gonna lie, it wouldn't happen. maybe start with one morning run? just to see? you never know!

  2. Wow, look at you, wheat free! Yes, it's tough and I sometimes give into temptation or convenience, but all in all, it's a great life change. You'll see the pounds initially drop off and your energy go up. I think it's a great!


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