Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Sunday Sweats Vol. 7

Monday:  Day 1 of the Office Yoga Challenge at work.  Week 2, Day 2 of the C25k program for a total of 28 minutes and 1.73 miles.  Also did Yoga for Abs and the splits class as well.

Tuesday:  Day 2 of the Office Yoga Challenge at work.  Week 2, Day 3 of the C25k program for a total of 31 minutes and 2.12 miles.  Also did Morning Yoga Routine and the splits class again.

Wednesday-Sunday:  Not a damn thing.

I had planned on going hard last week but failed.  Wednesday was my rest day, but then Thursday came and someone had a homework project that they forgot to do that I had to stay up all night doing, Friday was Niyah's first basketball game and we didn't make it home until about 9pm, Saturday I helped Joey's mom cater a party so we were busy all day and night, and Sunday I was drained from being in the sun at Trace's baseball team's car wash that I ended up just taking 5 rest days.  Boo.

Now that Aniyah's basketball season has started, I'll be getting home around 9pm every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  I need to figure out some sort of schedule so I can fit some run time in.  Maybe early mornings?  Ugh.  I hate waking up though.  Oh well, I'll figure it out.  Those 5 days off made me feel bleh so I need to get active again.


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