Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Three Things

Thanks to Lisa for today's post inspo.  I haven't done one of these "about me" posts in a while so I thought this would be fun to do, especially today when I'm kinda in a lazy mood.

Three names I go by:
Jessica (and variations of this including Jess, Ska)
Mom (or Mooooooooooom!)

Three things I hate:
Fake people

Three places I have worked:
Golf Course
Surf Shop
Law Firm

Three things I love to watch:
The ocean
My kids playing together


Three places I have been:

Three things I love to eat:
All things cheesy

Three things I love to drink:
Anything with vodka

Three things I cannot live without:
My family
Beach days
All of the three drinks listed above

Three things I am looking forward to:
Having our house built 
5pm on weekdays
My 30th birthday weekend

That's my list.  What does yours look like?


  1. 5pm on weekdays, yes. and Mooooooooooom made me laugh. and at first i thought rudeness said redness and i was like yeah i hate redness too haha but i also hate rudeness.

  2. For me it is 530pm on weekdays haha. I am a huge fan of sushi and all the cheesy things. And I can watch the ocean for days and days.

  3. I don't like fake people either. Just let me have the truth. I'm a big girl! And cool, having your house built! When will that be done? It'll be so great to be home. I'm looking forward to buying a house next year! Thanks for stealing my post :).


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