Monday, May 16, 2016

Sunday Sweats: Vol. 9

Well look who decided to show up today? Yup, this lazy bitch.

I have to confess, my sweat has been non-existent lately.  The last time I did any sort of fitness activity was the 5k on April 30th.  Yeah, over two weeks ago.  Things have been chaotic now that the school year is almost over and I'm so happy that soon I'll have a little more free time to actually run and workout on a regular basis.  No more practices, games, homework, projects, etc. for 3 months!  Woo hoo!

My goals this week are:

1.  Run at least 3x.
2.  Begin the 21 Day Challenge from Noelle Benepe.  (Starts on the 21st)
3.  Cut down on sweets.
4.  Look into simple recipes for meal prepping during the work week. 
5.  Hydrate.

I've been following Noelle on Instagram (@noellebenepe) for a while now and have always been interested in her courses.  Since May is my birth month and therefore "splurge month", I figured I should go ahead and give it a try.  It's an online course that costs $15 and all you need are a few essential pieces of equipment (most of which I already have at home).  It is a challenge program so you are recommended to post a before and after photo and the top transformations win prizes, so it's a great motivation for me to do the best I can so I can win!

Meanwhile, I have noticed a difference in my figure since I've been running and going wheat-free so I'm really hoping I can get that momentum back so I don't reverse my progress.  I put on a pair of pants this morning that I haven't worn in a while because it used to be too tight, and now they're actually loose.  This realization actually has me pumped up right now and I cannot wait to workout!

How has your fitness journey been so far?  Taking a break?  Need a new challenge to join?  Got any good recipes or tips for meal prepping?

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  1. That is awesome, keep it up! :) My fitness journey blows. I need motivation.


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