Friday, July 8, 2016

Catching up and confessing

June was a surprisingly busy month for me.  So many things to confess and share!

We went on a little getaway to Saipan the first weekend of June for Trace's baseball team.  It was so nice to relax and not have to worry about work or chores or anything else.  Saipan is a tiny, yet beautiful island.  There aren't any big shopping malls or outlets or anything like that, but there is so much greenery and history with some amazing hidden local spots that make it so relaxing and full of adventure.

Eating healthy and exercising has really been paying off.  Since I cut wheat out from my diet (besides minor indulgences) and started running and working out regularly in April, I've lost 6lbs.  Now that I'm pushing myself even harder with my workouts, I've noticed a significant difference in my body shape and the way I feel.  I still have a hard time getting off my ass and working out and it still sucks to see others eating pasta and pizza and cinnamon rolls and...well, you get it.  But the progress I'm seeing now makes it all worth it.

My father's side of the family has always been very private.  Nobody shares feelings, nobody talks about family business when non-family members are present, everything is kept on a need-to-know basis.  That being said, I had never known much about my father's father.  All I knew was he grew up in Hawaii and was in the army at one point.  I knew he had a sister that he was close to, my auntie Janet, and another one that I only remember meeting once.  Thanks to's two week free trial, I learned that his parents were Korean immigrants, he was actually born and raised in Hawaii, and he had 6 brothers and sisters.  I also learned that my great grandparents were buried in a cemetery on Oahu, Hawaii (where I lived most of my life) and nobody in my family (not even my father) knew.  I was actually very close to my grandfather growing up, but being that I was young, I never bothered to ask him about his childhood or his past.  How weird is that?

I've always been a closet Pokemon geek.  I was never into the cards, just the Nintendo games.  I could seriously play that shit for hours at a time.  Now that Pokemon Go just launched, I know it's about to become a huge problem for me.  Oh well.

I have not touched my sewing machine since baseball season started because we've been busy with practices, games, fundraisers, etc.  Now that it's finally over I've got no excuse not to start sewing again.  Except that my sewing table has become a catch-all for everything that we've been too lazy to find a place for.

After ordering my new Bando agenda, matching travel mug and agenda starter pack (oh did I not mention that I got two other items in my last post? #whatbudget), I'm having a REALLY hard time not ordering even more cute shit from them.  Seriously.  I mean, how can I not get every single item they have?

I have my Bando cart open right now so I'm going have a serious talk with myself about whether I need more planner stickers (I do), another travel mug (I do), a new tumbler (I really do) and a backup phone charger (now that Pokemon Go is draining my battery, hell yes I do)...


  1. so happy that you're enjoying being wheat free and liking your workouts/seeing the results...that in itself is totally worth the effort, right?

  2. ooooh what is pokemon go? i never played the cards i don't think, but i was obsessed with the show when it came out and i think we might have had some super old school games.
    good job on working out and eating healthy girl! i am the same way, when i see progress and my hard work paying off, it makes me feel so good and makes me want to work harder. i just try and stay away from the people eating pizza and pasta haha!
    Saipan looks and sounds amazing :)

  3. Saipan looks beautiful! I wish I had visited when I was living in Guam.

  4. Chris downloaded Pokemon Go when we were at the beach. I never played Pokemon before but it has me curious. I dont know much about my family's history either. No one ever talks about it. it is weird. Your getaway looks fabulous!!!

  5. I can't imagine not being open with family. I take so much pride and interest in my family history as well. I'd figure that must have been tough but thank goodness for !!


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