Friday, July 1, 2016

Monthly Mantra 2016: July

A few months ago, Lisa did a post called Six-Word Memoir where she summarized her life in six-word sentences.  I thought it was such a fun concept and had planned to steal the post from her but then I thought:  why not turn it into a daily thing?  Cool, right?

See, the thing is, as you get older, it gets harder and harder to remember certain things, people, moments, etc.  I mean, I'm only 30 (I say "only" like I wasn't freaking out about it for the whole month of May) and I already find it hard to recall exact moments and memories from my 20's.  When I try to think back on my younger years, it's like memory roulette.  Some things are clear and make sense, while others are just random bits and pieces of moments that happened.  Okay, so maybe a lot of those moments involved alcohol, but I'm still leaning toward the age thing.

So this month, I'm going to write a six-word sentence to summarize each day.  Maybe some days I'll elaborate on that sentence, maybe not.  It's just a way for me to document my memories, moments, and most importantly, the feelings of my life.  Good or bad, happy or sad - I'd like to remember each of them. 

I'm going to post one each day, whether I type it out here in post format, write it on a notepad and snap a picture of it, tweet it, record it - whatever.  Just as long as I have a little memoir of each day documented.  Wanna join me in this little challenge?  No pressure, of course, but it would be fun to see other people's memoirs throughout the month.  This is also a great way for me (and you) to get back into the habit of writing, which I've been pretty horrible at for the past year.

What does the story of your life look like right now?  Do you find yourself struggling to recall certain things from when you were younger?


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