Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Sunday Sweats: Vol. 16

Monday:  Walked 2 miles + Sweat Week 4 Leg Day, which is 2 rounds of:  10 burpees, 20 jump lunges, 24 knee-ups, 15 sumo squats, 100 skips (jump rope), 24 walking lunges, 30 reverse lunge knee-ups, and 15 jump squats.

Wednesday:  Walked 2 miles + Sweat Week 4 Arms & Abs Day, which is 2 rounds of:  15 squat presses (with weights), 15 tricep dips, 24 commandos, 20 straight-leg jack knifes, 20 sit-ups, 15 mountain climber push-ups, 15 leg raises, and 15 lay down pushups.


Last week was kind of a bust for me.  Worked out only twice and didn't feel good about skipping out on the last day my fitness routine.  I've been walking instead of running lately because I'm helping my sis-in-law get into the habit of regular exercise.  She actually has some heart complications and uses a pacemaker so we're starting slow and working up to jogging eventually.  I like being able to help her and motivate her because it motivates me now that I have a partner to go with.  But - and I never thought I'd say this - I do miss running.  Weird, right?  This coming from the girl who HATED running.
Anyway, this Thursday is Liberation Day here on Guam which means sitting in the hot sun all day watching the parade.  I'll be eating all the things that I probably shouldn't so I really need to complete all my workouts and get some running in to make up for it.


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