Monday, July 25, 2016

Sunday Sweats: Vol. 17

Monday:  Ran 2.48 miles + Sweat Week 5 Leg Day, which consisted of 2 rounds of:  15 sumo jump squats, 15 weighted sumo squats, 15 burpees, 30 weighted step-ups, 30 jump lunges, 16 crab walks, 24 weighted walking lunges, and 100 skips (jump rope).

Friday:  Ran 1.69 miles + Sweat Week 5 Arms & Abs Day, which consisted of 2 rounds of:  8 mountain climber + pushups, 15 leg raises into hip lifts, 15 lay down pushups, 15 weighted jackknifes, 15 squat presses, 15 pushups on a decline, 15 tricep dips, and 24 commandos.

Damn this week was tough!  The workouts in the Sweat app have been getting harder and it's really pushing me to my full potential.  I'm sweaty, everything hurts and I feel like my arms and legs might fall off, but I love the feeling I get after completing each day.

Because of the Liberation holiday on Thursday and the prep we did for it Wednesday night, I pushed my Wednesday workout to Friday and didn't get a chance to do my Friday full-body workout.  I was able to get two good runs in though so I'm pretty happy about that.  I've been horrible with my diet lately so I'm going to work extra hard this coming week to get myself back on track.  No cheat days.  Period.

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