Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sunday Sweats: Vol. 20

Wednesday:  1.67 miles + Sweat Week 8 Arms&Abs day:  (2 rounds each) 15 drop pushups, 60 second plank, 20 tricep dips, 25 bent leg raise on bench, 15 dumbbell squat press, 15 straight leg raise on bench, 20 raised leg sit-up + twist, 20 straight leg raises.

Where has my motivation been lately?  Tried to get back my douchebag fitness mojo back but I couldn't find it anywhere.  I blame the gloomy, rainy weather we've been having lately.  Boo.

This week hasn't been any better, unfortunately.  It's still raining and wet and super windy outside.  I'm planning on cleaning out the back so I can at least do my workouts there until this weather clears up.  But then again, I've been saying I would get around to doing that too and still haven't done it so...

My goals for this week are to workout at least twice and run at least once.  Hopefully I can push myself to do more, but I'm not very optimistic about that.  This weather and my motivation = same.


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