Friday, August 5, 2016

What's New With You: July Recap

What's New With You

July was an uncommonly busy month for us.  We had so many things going on!

We went to Onward Waterpark for the baseball team's end-of-season celebration and had a blast.  It was nice to see the boys having fun after working so hard this season.  Last year they only won about 4 games and this year they were the undefeated champions!

Proud that I worked out a lot this past month.  I don't really have any photos to post here, but I have been posting my sweaty, post-workout selfies on SnapChat.  Really toned down my tummy a lot but I still have more inches to go to get to where I want my body to be so I'm pushing for more cardio and toning this month.

I read five books in July (review post to come) which was nice since I read zero books in June.  I guess being energized after my evening workouts makes for good reading nights.  I also began my addiction to Grey's Anatomy too, thanks to those sleepless nights.

Bought a lot of things.  Things I shouldn't have bought.  Pool floaters, 7 pairs of shoes, clothes, etc.  I don't even remember everything I purchased in July.  I think my brain is repressing the memories out of guilt.

Wrote a post for every day in July.  I think that was the most I've ever posted in a month and I'm surprised I actually did it.  My goal last month was to write more and document my life and I pretty much kicked that goal's ass.  Booyah.

Rekindled my Pokemon obsession thanks to Pokemon Go!  I'm not as obsessed with it as a lot of the hard-core trainers, but I do love playing the game.  My goal right now is mostly to collect every Pokemon (either by catching or evolving) there is.  Battling and training, not so much.  I also love how the app lets you take photos because how cool is that picture of Trace hanging out with Squirtle!?

I really did not stick to my wheat-free goals in July.  I ate all the wheat things.  Cakes, pastries, pasta, crackers, burgers, etc.  And I also whipped up some super easy, super cheesy enchiladas that I have dubbed the "Busy Bitch Enchiladas" because the ingredients are so simple and there's really only like 3 steps to this recipe.  Honestly, it tastes AMAZING and it's crazy how simple and quick it is to make.  I made it twice in July and told my coworker how to make it and so she made it twice in July too.  It's that good.  I'm planning on posting it here maybe...anyone interested?

I've always wanted to try the Sip 'n Paint events since I'd seen a lot of stateside bloggers posting about them a few years back, so when the trend finally came to Guam I was so excited.  Chloe's the artist in the family so she attended The Pink Elephant's 5-day Spring Break paint camp back in March and she loved it.  I ended up taking Chloe and two of our goddaughters to the class and while the crowd was obnoxious (really, really obnoxious), we still had a lot of fun.  I highly recommend checking them out as they are very accommodating and friendly.  They also do private events and on-site classes too!

And that about sums it up I guess.  August is my No Spend month so I'm hoping I can stick to it and not buy all the things.  So, what's new with you?


  1. total spending freeze this month until probably end of the year, with the exception of getting kayla some new clothes since she's pretty much outgrown everything.

  2. I am so excited to see your finished Sip n Paint piece !!!

    I've also enjoyed doing them ! :)

  3. Get it on your workouts!!!! I try to remember to look for Pokemon when I am out but I forget a lot.

  4. i love seeing your workout snaps on snapchat, so motivating! definitely post that recipe, especially if it's easy, as i am like super beginner in the kitchen!

  5. I'm going to be doing that sip and paint thing this week! I've been wanting to do it for awhile. Glad it's finally made its way to Guam.


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