Friday, October 21, 2016

Drafts on drafts on drafts...


Another day, another post!  I'm really so glad that I decided to join Alyssa's non-challenge challenge because I had forgotten how much I loved doing this.  Writing, interacting with others, getting my brain moving and thinking about things other than hearings, contracts, practices and dinner plans.  Her prompts have inspired me in different ways and have pushed me to think deeper and get out of that funk I've been in.  Today's prompt:  "A blog post (or a list of post topics) you want to write but have yet to hit "publish" on" forced me to go back and look at the posts I had never finished and I was able to write them off or rework them a little with a fresh perspective.  Here's my list:
1.  Parenting Truths - Basically, a list of tips and advice those "What to Expect" books don't cover.  Like how important it is to stock up on Clorox wipes if you have boys, because no matter what, they will sometimes forget to put the seat up miss the toilet and you do NOT want to sit down on sticky pee.  EVER.  And how no matter how much you love your kid, you're gonna need to punch something every once in a while, so find a good outlet for your frustrations.

2.  The Girl Who Hated Reading - This isn't really a blog post draft, more like a children's story that I had started when an idea came to me and then the story puttered out.  I've kept it in the hopes that something will come to me and I'll go back and finish it one day.

3.  Big Lessons from a Little Island - This is actually a book review and giveaway that I never got around to finishing.  Maybe I'll do it around the holidays because I love giving away things during that time.

4.  Shop Guam (Series) - I had planned to start a series where I post local shops and vendors that I love here on island as a way to highlight them and show the rest of the world how beautiful and unique Guam is.  Most tourists who come to Guam only see the shopping malls and big brand-name stores while the smaller businesses get overlooked.  I still really want to do this series but I haven't been out much enough to go shopping and take photos.  Putting that on my to-do list for this weekend...

5.  Summer Getaway in Saipan - This post was supposed to be a recap of our Saipan getaway weekend back in June.  I just never got around to writing more than one sentence so far.

6.  Busy Bitch Enchiladas - I've never claimed to be a foodie and I don't really post recipes on here, but this one was so good that I wanted to share it.  But, I didn't take good photos of it the first or second time around so it's still stuck in draft waiting for me to make it again and take photos.  Another thing to add to that to-do list...

7.  Lush Cosmetics Haul + Review - I just recently started using Lush products and wanted to do a haul/review post about it but never got around to it yet...

8.  Books Lately:  October 2016 - Okay, this one's sitting in my drafts only because October isn't over yet and I still have time to read more books!

**There was one more post I had stuck in draft for a few months until I revisited it today because of this prompt (thanks Alyssa!).  It's a little poem (16 lines) I was inspired to write after seeing an illustration on Pinterest.  I hope to turn into a children's book one day, soon as I figure out where to start.  Does anyone have any advice on that?  Should I post it here for feedback?


  1. So glad you're enjoying the challenge and the prompts are keeping you inspired! :)

    As a non-parent, I would actually love to read a post about all the things they don't tell you—if only to be able to understand my parent friends' lives a little better!

    The children's story idea should definitely come to fruition too :)

    I looove Lush products, but can never read a post without growing my wish list—so you have my permission to skip that one ;)

    And yes, definitely post your poem!

  2. i have a lot of parenting posts in draft but i never get around to posting it because...i'm not sure why? perhaps it's because i think no1curr LOL

  3. I totally need the parenting truths post please!!! And enchiladas? Yum!

  4. i am not a parent and i totally have 75 million clorox wipes things because.. yeah. haha.
    definitely post your poem!

  5. I love enchiladas. That recipe sounds yummy. The Books lately sounds interesting and the girl who hated to read. I would love to read your story one day.


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