Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Peace is...



Sleeping in on a Sunday.
Checking off that last task on your to-do list.
Christmas lights in the evening.
Curling up with a good book.
A Saturday morning cup of coffee.
Being outside on a gorgeous day.
Driving without the radio on and not even noticing it.
Getting lost in the rhythm of the waves.
Putting the kids to sleep after a long day.
Going through photos you forgot you had.
Sunlight warming your face after being stuck inside.
Blanket forts and bedtime stories.
Genuine hugs.
Corpse pose after a good long yoga sequence.
Taking off your shoes after an evening run.
Exploring your own town.
Floating in the ocean.
Reconnecting with old friends.
Doing a good deed.
Making a child smile.
Morning dew on the lawn.
Sepia tones.
Falling asleep in someone's arms.
Hearing an old song.
Getting packages in the mail.
Finding money.
Clean, soft sheets and pillows.
An afternoon spent painting.
Growing your savings account.
The chatter of siblings after a day spent together.
Family singalongs in the car.


  1. Yes to all of these things!!! I just feel calmer reading them.

  2. I agree with these so much! It's always the little things that make us happiest!


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