Friday, December 2, 2016

Books Lately: November

The King's Traitor, by Jeff Wheeler
This was the third book in the Kingfountain Series by Jeff Wheeler.  You can see my review on the first book HERE.  I thought I had reviewed the second book as well but apparently I didn't.  Basically, it's a historical fiction set in medieval times.  Owen, the main character, is taken from his family and raised in the castle as punishment for his father's betrayal to the king.  He ends up earning the trust of the king (who everyone hates and fears) but grows up living a double life because he is not truthful about the magical powers and knowledge he possesses. In this third book, Owen finally finds love after being denied his dream of marrying his childhood friend and first love, Evie.  He also helps to overthrow King Severn and put the rightful heir to the throne in his place. 

Harry Potter, Books 1-6
I've never read any of the Harry Potter books until now.  I was in high school when the books became popular and it wasn't something that interested me at the time.  Now that I'm finally reading through the series, I'm a bit obsessed with it.  I'm finally understanding all the HP references that used to fly over my head before and have used the word "muggle" when referring to some stupid driver who cut me off only to drive 10 miles below the speed limit in front of me.  I regret that I hadn't read them until now as I'm sure I would have liked it a lot more when I was younger.  I'm trying to get my kids to read it too because I'm sure they'd like it as well, but so far they're not taking to it.  Oh, well.  I just started book 7 last night so I should be done with it and the last book in time for next month's book update.

What has everyone else been reading?  Need to add new books to my list for 2017 so I'm looking for recommendations!!


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