Thursday, January 19, 2017


Eating //  All the bad things.  Haven't had much time for grocery shopping or meal planning so I've been eating whatever is convenient.  The other day we went to Wendy's because it was nearby and I wanted a salad, but after placing everyone's order (I had the kids with me) and paying, I realized I hadn't ordered myself a salad.  I ordered a baconator instead. #oldhabitsdiehard

Drinking //  Coffee, water and alcoholic beverages.  Because the holiday drinking doesn't have to end when the holiday season does.  One of my goals this year was to be more festive during the holidays and not be such a bore so why not celebrate every holiday with a drink or two, right?  So, I celebrated Martin Luther King, Jr. day with a couple glasses of Viniq.

Watching //  Grey's Anatomy (yes, still).  Also watched Keeping Up with the Joneses (4/5), Monster Trucks (1.5/5) and Underworld: Blood Wars (3/5).

Reading //  Finished Everything We Keep and The Buried Book.  Currently reading The Original Dream and still on track with my goal of reading 52 books (one per week) this year.  Also trying to keep up with my goal of logging in my books on Goodreads (thanks Kristen!).

Buying //  Not much, actually.  I mean, you can't tell by my bank account, but I haven't splurged on anything besides a couple of books lately.  We've been spending ridiculous amounts of money on takeout, snacks, and random crap instead.

Enjoying //  All the sunny days.  We've been taking advantage of the good weather lately by going to the water park and/or the beach at least once every week in January thus far.  Yesterday was a little overcast, but that didn't keep us from enjoying the ocean.

Planning for //  Christmas, birthdays, holiday events and family time.  I was a wreck last year as far as being on top of things so I'm trying to plan better for all the things coming up throughout the year.  That means planning birthdays/events months in advance even if we're just going to Chuck-E-Cheese's.  I'm also going to start writing down things that the kids mention so I can get their gifts a little at a time throughout the year instead of rushing around like a madwoman when the holidays come around again.

Creating //  Lists on lists on lists.  I'd been eyeing The 52 Lists Project since last month but didn't purchase it because (a) I'm cheap like that; and (b) I wanted to start ASAP.  Instead, I bought a notebook, printed out the list prompts, and created my own little 52 lists journal.  DIYing it cost me more than I would have had to pay for the actual book, but my notebook gives me more writing space and lots of room to customize.  I did just order the 52 Lists for Happiness and Start Where You Are so this year's goal of journaling and writing more is gonna be a breeze.

Stressing over //  The chaos and craziness in the months ahead.  Baseball season is starting and I'm dreading the fundraisers, practices, games, potlucks, etc.  This is also Niyah's last year in middle school so she's got a lot of end-of-the-year events coming up as well as testing and registration for high school.  Don't even get me started on our summer plans!

Looking forward to //  Tidying up!  I've joined the KonMari bandwagon and am planning to start my decluttering this weekend.  Lord knows I need to overhaul all the crap I've accumulated over the years and even though I get rid of a bunch of crap every once it a while, other stuff starts piling up and the process starts all over again.  Saturday morning I will tackle all my clothes and get rid of all the items that don't "spark joy".  Wish me luck!

What have you been up to?  Are you a KonMari follower?  How has the weather been where you are?


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