Thursday, January 5, 2017

Monthly Mantra 2017: January

January is the first month of the year so I put my best foot forward by changing my look.  I've never been one to take the whole "New Year, New You" thing to heart, but this year is all about CHANGE for me so I'm going for it.

After much deliberation, I've jumped back on the eyelash extension bandwagon and I also finally cut my hair.  I'm also getting back into makeup by learning new techniques, trying new products, etc.  I plan to overhaul my entire wardrobe as well so I can get back to the basics rather than splurging on trendy pieces that I only wear for a month or so.

And, keeping with the CHANGE theme for this year, I'm going to learn to style my hair.  Hair is where I fail as a girl.  It always frustrated me because I can never get it to cooperate!  This year I'm going to try to style my hair differently at least once a week and do some fun things (like dye) throughout the year.

Now that my body is finally back to normal after my gallbladder surgery last month, I'm able to start working out again like I used to.  I'll be starting from day 1 and rebuilding the habit of exercising consistently with my Sweat app and running every week.  Without my gallbladder, I'm not able to eat some of the foods I used to so I'm still experimenting with what my body can and can't tolerate in order to create a healthy (but still delicious) diet plan.

Also, since we're talking about changing appearances, I'm thinking of redoing the appearance of this blog as well.  Adding some pages, changing the layout, etc.  What do you think?  It's been a while since I've done anything besides post sporadically around here so maybe a re-brand is in order...

So, those are some of the changes happening this month.  What about you?  Are you changing anything about yourself this year?


  1. good luck with the hair and all! i am not very good at hair either, but what i do has come from years of practice :) love your eyelashes, i've considered extensions but... eh. i don't know haha. they are expensive. good luck with exercising and everything, that's gotta be quite the adjustment but i'm sure you'll get it all under control!

  2. I'm on the same old exercise and healthy eating bandwagon. As for hair, I go through periods of hating it every once in a while. But there's lots of good youtubers who are great with hair.

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