Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Love Notes

Happy Valentine's Day, friends!  Thought I'd share some love by showing my appreciation for some of the people and things I've been loving lately.

Your printable planner stickers and freebies are absolutely amazing.  You make my monthly layouts seriously BEaYoutiful.

Dear Bando.com,

You always having the coolest shit for my retail therapy sessions.  You are gold, baby.  Solid gold.

Dear Tabasco Salt,

You take my snacks to a higher level. I love how you go so great with popcorn, watermelon, chicken, beef, pork, seafood, veggies... Basically, you rock.

Dear Kristen,

Thank you for turning me on to NetGalley.  I feel like Belle when the Beast brought her to his library.

Dear Pinterest and Ross,

You guys are seriously awesome.  Pinterest, you always come through with the best ideas.  Ross, you give me the the kind of deals that nowhere else does.  Thanks for making me look like the kind of over-achieving mom who has her shit together (when we all know I really don't).


  1. I gotta check out Bando.com. It sounds like a cool happy place. :)


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  3. Netgalley is so awesome. Except when you request a bunch of books not expecting them to be available and then they give them to you all at once and the deadlines are really soon and you can't read them in time!

  4. omg Bando looks like something I'd get hooked on. And ahh Netgalley! I just discovered it towards the end of last year from a blogger I follow. It's changed my reading habits, for the better! (I'm reading more :)) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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