Monday, March 20, 2017


We're halfway through March and I feel so exhausted already.  Anyone else been getting sick lately?  Feeling like life is getting too busy to keep up with?  February flew by in such a flash, I didn't even have enough time to do a mid-month post.  Oh, well.  Here's what's been going on lately...

Eating //  All the bad things.  I really need to start back on my wheat belly diet because that is exactly what I've been growing - a wheat belly.

Drinking //  Coffee, water and soda.  Yes, soda.  I don't normally drink carbonated drinks (unless they're mixed with alcohol) but I've been craving them for some reason lately.

Listening to //  The local radio stations.  These days I listen to Power 98 on my way to and from work because the hosts in the mornings and afternoons are so funny.  The only time I use Pandora or Tidal now is when I workout (which hasn't been very often).

Reading //  NetGalley books.  I love that I'm able to read new books for free, but having to read and review them with a deadline is kind of a bummer.  Once I get through all of the books currently on my NetGalley shelf, I'm going to take a pause and get back to my reading challenge list books.

Writing //  A few poems here and there and continuing my #52Lists.

Watching //  Still on Grey's Anatomy.  Haven't really been watching much since I've been reading more books lately.

Wearing //  Basic pieces (dresses, tops, tanks, jeans, etc.) in neutral and muted colors (black, grey, white, olive, mauve, denim blue, etc.).

Buying //  Ordered some goodies from Ulta, planner stickers, books, a few sewing patterns, and some clothes from Homecoming Honolulu.  #noregrets

Looking forward to //  Chloe's 9th birthday this Sunday (March 19th) and Joey's 35th birthday on the 30th.  Also looking forward to the craziness of March to be over.  April seems like a vacation compared to this month.

Stressing over //  Chloe's birthday party on Sunday, work shit, Joey's birthday, summer plans, life.

Hoping for //  A little down time to finish my current projects and start on a new project, sunshine and a little salt water therapy before the month ends.



  1. grey's is still on? aren't all the old characters gone by now?

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