Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Monthly Mantra 2017: May

Things have been going 100mph in my life since April and I haven't had a chance to blog, read, or clear my mind fully until now.  There are so many things that have been going on and now that things are slowing down (though only barely) I finally have a little time to bring my creative side out again.  

I've done a lot of reflecting during those busy weeks and have learned the true feelings and motives of those around me.  The people who I drop everything for don't appreciate the effort it takes and instead choose to speak unkindly and negatively about me to others.  This realization put me in a bad place for a few days until I decided to quit feeling sorry for myself and letting the actions of others affect me so much.  I've decided that those people aren't important to me anymore and I no longer hold them in high regard because they only bring me down.  Though I can't cut them out of my life completely, I can distance myself from them and not let their opinions and actions get to me because I deserve to be treated better than that.


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