Wednesday, August 23, 2017

LoveBug Probiotics: The Unboxing & First 2 Weeks

I was contacted by a rep from LoveBug Probiotics last month to try out a few of their products.  Not really understanding what probiotics were at the time, I took a crash course in Probiotic 101 via the articles on their website, and decided to try it out.  I already knew that my digestive system was out of whack so I figured, why not?

I received three different probiotic formulas:  Here's the Skinny (for general health), Yeast is a Beast (for women's health), and Colds Suck (for an immunity boost).  They also have formulas for babies, kids, and pre/post pregnancy.

Unboxing Thoughts:
- Blue box is so cute!
- Love that the bottles are separated and not just thrown in with some packing paper.
- The typography and font of the labels make it easier for me to tell the difference between the formulas.
- Glass bottles are a nice upgrade from the plastic bottles I'm used to.  

Instead of taking the formulas separately or alternating them, I opted to take them all together to really make the most of them.  I figure, general health is the basic, plus women's health because I am a female, and immunity boost because I am all about not getting sick (especially since it's back-to-school season).

Week 1 Thoughts:
- Damn this powder residue is making a mess.
- These glass bottles are going to be a pain to carry around with me all the time.
- O.M.G.  I'm going to swallow all of those pills?  Like, in one sitting?
- Okay, taste isn't so bad.  Not any different than other supplement tablets I've taken.

Week 2 Thoughts:
- Damn, that's still a lot of pills.
- I've been going to the bathroom every day pretty regularly.
- Surprisingly, I haven't felt heavy or bloated lately.
- I've only been drinking one cup of coffee a day this week and I haven't felt sluggish in the afternoons like I usually do.

I've got about a two week's supply left before I'm out but so far, I'm liking how it's been going.  I feel much healthier, I don't get that heavy or bloated feeling after eating anymore, my metabolism and energy have been up, and I've noticed that I've lost most of the weight I gained while on vacation.  I'll be posting my final thoughts in a couple weeks so stay tuned!

You can check out LoveBug Probiotics to learn about their products, formulas and probiotics in general.


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